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Health News

ADHD Drug Alters the Brain in Young Children

ADHD Over-Diagnosed and Over-Drugged

AIDS Data Shows Decreasing Trend

Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy Damages the Unborn Brain

Allergies Often Misdiagnosed

Alternative Healthcare

A Medical Enron

Americans Aren't Making the Health Grade

Americans Take More Drugs

Anthrax Vaccine Rejected by More US Military Personnel

Antibacterial Soap Overuse May Help Spread Disease

Antibiotics for Children With Ear Infections Questionable

Antibiotics Linked to Serious Complications in Infants

Antibiotics May Be Scrapped for Most Ear Infections

Antibiotic Resistance, Cause for Much Concern

Antibiotic Resistance Now Deemed a "Public Health Crisis"

Antibiotics To Bear New Warnings

Antibiotic Usage in Babies Linked to Asthma

Antibiotics Usage Shown Not helpful for Kids In New Study
Antidepressant Use Rising Among Kids

Antidepressants And Children Not A Good Mix
Antidepressants for Kids Expected to Get Stronger Warnings

Aspirin Is Not for Everyone

Aspirin, Acetaminophen May Prolong the Flu

Aspirin to be Banned in United Kingdom for Children Under 16

Association Between Duration of Breastfeeding and Adult Intelligence

Asthma Patients May Benefit From Spinal Manipulation

Arthritis Drug May Cause Liver Damage

Autism Linked to Vaccine

Autism Link with Vaccinations Heats Up

Baby Walkers May Slow Development

Back Belts Worn at Work Not Effective

Backpack Misuse Leads to Back Problems

Bacteria Are Winning Fight Against Drugs

Bacteria That Are Good for You

Bad Eating Habits Start Near Age 2

Bed Rest May Not be Helpful

Behavioral Drugs Discouraged by Colorado Board of Education

Birth Control Pills Linked to Breast Cancer

Birth Injury With Various Methods of Delivery

Brain, Your Amazing Brain

Breast Cancer Linked to Antibiotic Use

Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding Is Best For Baby

Breast Fed Babies Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Breast-Feeding Rate Rises

Breast Feeding Shows Benefits for Mothers

Canadians Want to Avoid Drug Advertising

Case Study of a Patient with Chronic Migraine Headaches

Celebrities Paid to Push Drugs on TV Talk Shows
Children Addicted to TV Run Higher Risk of Spinal Problems

Children's Blood Pressure Rising

Children Sleeping Less Than Recommended

Children Victims of Too Many Medical Errors

Children & Unnecessary Antibiotics

Children Watching TV Linked to Poor Health Later in Life

Cholesterol Drug Linked to 40 Deaths Finally Pulled Off Market

Cholesterol Drugs Have Problems

Communicating With Children About Disasters
Conflicts of Interest Affect Government Drug Recommendations

Cough Syrup Doesn't Work on Children

Cow's Milk May Cause Type 1 Diabetes in Infants

Dangers of Vaccine Preservatives RevealedDeath Rate Drops During Doctor Strike

Diabetes Drug Pulled Off the Market

Direct-to-consumer drug advertisements increasing by drug companies

Doctors Group Calls for End to Mandatory Childhood Vaccines

Doctors See Flaws in Healthcare System

Doctors Urged to Delay Kids' Earache Drugs

Don't Worry, Be Happy, and Get Less Colds

DPT and Tetanus Vaccine linked to Allergies and Asthma

Drug Advertising Debate Heats Up

Drug Company Found 80% Guilty of MurderDrug Companies Promoting Drugs for Uses not Approved by US

Drug Errors In Children Draw Alarm

Drug Research

Drug Sales Globally Continue to Increase

Drug Studies May Be False

Ear Tubes in Children Questioned

Eating Dark Chocolate May Help Prevent Heart Problems

Eating Whole Grains are Healthy

Elderly Spend 19% of Income on Medical CareExercise & Fitness

Exercise More Important Than Calcium for Strong BonesExercise Programs Save Companies Money

FDA Drug Advisers Have Financial Conflict of Interest
FDA Incapable of Protecting Americans

FDA Issues Warning on Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

FDA Says Many Prescription Drug Ads Are Deceptive

Fen Phen Drug Makers Should Have Known

Fevers in Children, a Normal Healthy Response

Fitness Can Improve Thinking Among Aging

Flu Shot Unable to Combat Virus Strain

Fluoride in Drinking Water Does Increase Risk of Hip Fracture.

Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Stroke Risk

Germs and Dust May Protect Against Allergies and Asthma

Half of All Antibiotic Provided in Doctor Offices Are Unnecessary

Healing Power of Humor

Health Care Spending Hits $1.7 Trillion in 2003 in US

Health Costs Could Double by 2011
Hepatitis B Vaccine Linked to Multiple Sclerosis

Holiday Weight Gain a Big Fat Lie

Home Births Safe for Most

Hospital Admissions Due to Doctor Caused Diseases Still High

Hospitals May Start Getting Report Cards

Hysterectomies Being Performed Needlessly in 70% of Cases

Inappropriate Prescribing

Increased Psychotropic Medication Use Causes ConcernInteresting Health Facts for 2003

Internet Drug Sales Dangerous

Internet Drugs Sales Under US Federal Scrutiny

Is America Becoming a Drug-Dependent Nation?

Kids Get Psychiatric Drugs Too Often

Kids’ Junk-Food Ads Reach All Time High

Kids Using Prescription Drugs More

Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Health
Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fatter

Lasik surgery may carry more risk than thought

Light Cigarettes More Dangerous Than Thought

Liposuction Can Be Deadly

Low-Tar Cigarettes Not Any Better


Manual Therapy Works Best for Neck Pain

Many Kids Take Too Many Headache Pills

Many Parents Don't Know Cold Facts

Medical Doctors Group takes Different Approach

Medical Errors Kill up to 98,000 Hospitalized Americans per Year

Medical Errors Make News More Than Ever
Medical Errors Still a Leading Killer

Medical Schools Teaching Complementary Procedures

Medication Side Effects Strike 1 in 4

Medical Spending Continues to Rise

Medications & Children

Medication Utilization, Drug Reactions & Death Rates

MDs Willing to Lie to Get Insurance Coverage
Medical Journals Insist Drug Manufacturers Register All Trials

Medical Journals May Have Bias or Conflicts

Milk, It Does a Body Good, or Does It?


Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Health!

Modest Activity Fights Obesity

Moms Who Breast-Feed Reduce Infants' Asthma RiskMore Americans Seek Out Non-Medical

More People Using Non-Medical Care

Money Can Not Buy Health or a Longer Life 

More Children Taking Central Nervous System Drugs

More Kids Receiving Psychiatric Drugs

Morning Sickness May Be Good for Fetus

Murder or Bad Vaccine
New Bacteria Threaten Public Health

New Drugs May Not Be Safe

News Media May Offer Misleading Drug Information

No Junk Food Schools

Non Medical Care Usage Continues to Rise

Nursing Homes Kill Thousands Report Says

Off-Label Drug Prescriptions for Children Rampant

Older Americans Visiting Doctors More Often


Osteoporosis Less Likely in Men Who Jog

Over-the-counter Cough Medicines Have "No Evidence of Effectiveness."

Pacifier Use May Increase Risk of Ear Infections

Painkiller Abuse Has Quadrupled in the Last Decade

Parents Refusing to Get Kids Vaccinated

Patients Urged to Guard Against Medical Errors

Patients Used as Drug Guinea Pigs


Pain Killers Addition Becoming Increasing Problem

Pain Killers May Delay Bone Healing

Periodic Fasting May Improve Health

Physicians Withhold Information on Treatment Choices

Popular Drugs Are Changing Names Due to Mix-ups

Pregnancy Articles

Pregnant Women Who Exercise Have Healthier Babies
Prescribed Drugs Top Abuse List

Prescription Drugs Kill More Floridians Than Illegal Drugs

Prescription Drug Use On the Rise

Prescription Painkillers Linked to Miscarriage
Prestigious Medical Journal Discovers New Use for Duct Tape

Protective Effect of Childhood Infections

Prozac and Zoloft May be Leading to Suicides

Report Details Medical Error Horrors

Risk of Miscarriage With Use of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs During Pregnancy

Ritalin Dangers

Ritalin Usages Increases in Small Children

Rotavirus Vaccine Loses US Federal Backing

Routine Use of Antibiotics for Otitis Media (Earaches) Unproven

Running Delays Disability in Older Persons

Safety of Depression Drugs Questioned

School Kids Choose Unhealthy Lunches, Study Finds

Secondhand Smoke Shown to be More Dangerous Than Thought

Seniors; Are They Being Over-medicated?

Sham Knee Surgery Just As Good As Real Thing

Should Doctors Do Away With Delivery Dates?

Should Watchful Waiting Be Used More Often for Acute Otitis Media?

Smallpox Vaccine Risky Even for Those Who Don't Get It

Smoking During Pregnancy Damages Unborn Lungs

Smoking During Pregnancy Results in Child Behavioral Problems

Sore Throats Unnecessarily Treated With Antibiotics

Spirituality and Healing in Medicine

States Told to Monitor Drug PrescriptionsSteroid Treatment Have Negative Affects for Both Young and Old

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Study Finds Neonatal Care Excessive

Sugar-Free Foods May Play a Role in Obesity

Summertime Tips for Your Health

Super Bug Danger Increases
Sugary Soft Drinks May Raise Risk of Diabetes

Surgical Calamities on Rise

Survey Says Parents Over Treat Harmless Fevers in Kids

Surgical Tools Left in 1,500 Patients Per Year

The Power of Prayer in Medicine

Tomatoes and Orange Juice Show Health Benefits

Tylenol and Aspirin Increases Risk of Kidney Failure

United States Far From Healthiest Country in the World

US Congress Passes Ban on Forcing Kids' Medication

US Taxpayers Subsidize Wealthy Drug Companies

Vaccinated Children Twice as Likely to Get Asthma and Allergies

Vaccine Web Sites Offer Good Information

Vaccine Exemption Law Expands

Variations in Medical Care Costs

Veggies Lose Nutrients in the Microwave

Veterans Administration to Develop Policy on Chiropractic

Viagra linked to Cases of Blindness
Walking May Ward Off Alzheimer's

Watchful Waiting Best Approach to Fluid in the Middle Ear

Water Fluoridation Issue Draws Action

Website Pill Pushing Draws Warning of AMA

Wellness Programs Help Companies Save on Health Costs

White-Coat Hypertension

Whole Grain Diet Helps Prevent Stroke

World Health Organization Issues Warning About Antibiotic Overuse

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